Dickson Fire Lookout
aka (Mt. Barnabe)

Mt Barnabe Remote Receiver
Old Radios

The Dickson Fire Lookout sits atop Mt Barnabe. This fire outpost is located in the hills of northwestern Marin County and is still operational today, but only during fire season. Mistakenly know by most locals as Mt Barnabe lookout; on June 9, 2011 Marin County supervisors officially rededicated this site as Dickson Fire Lookout. The new name, or should I say the original name, honors the family who donated the property back in 1938.

Dickson Lookout covers the rural western part of Marin County. What you are looking at is the vault directly underneath the lookout and the surrounding area. Jammed inside with a host of aging two-way equipment is one of the three satellite receivers that are link into the Big Rock repeater. Our antennas are located on the roof of the lookout.

Link input 147.33+ Tone 167.9

For more photos of this lookout check out http://rntl.net/mtbarnaby.htm

Barnabe Looking Northwest towards Tomales Bay Looking East