San Pedro Ridge
San Rafael, California

In the FOG

No, I wasn't using a cheap camera, it's just a foggy day on San Francisco Bay. This site is located on the eastern side of Marin County and looks out on the northern portion of San Francisco Bay. Home to two repeaters owned and operated by the Marin Amateur Radio Society.

Kenwood TKR-850, UHF @ 25 Watts Freq: 443.525+ Tone 82.5 TX RX
GE Mastr II, VHF @ 50 watts. 147.33+ Tone 173.8 (This is the backup transmitter for Big Rock. This repeater is normally switched off)

Note: Due to possible interference problem with the PAVE PAWS radar system in Sacramento, we have been asked to turn down our power by 10 db on the UHF repeater. We hope to be able to increase power in the near future.

Master II VHF Kenwood UHF